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Building your brain before your dogs.

At clevercanines, we believe in an education first approach.  People get so much more out of training when they really understand what their dog is thinking and why they are doing what they’re doing. 

We offer several seminars and workshops to help you better understand your dog’s communication style and their behaviour. 

When looking to make a difference in your relationship with your dog, diving deeper into their communication and behaviour with one of our seminars or workshops can be a great supplement to your training.  Contact us for dates and availability. 



  • create a deeper understanding of your dog
  • improve your relationship
  • gain knowledge of canine psychology 
  • advance your training
  • learn to solve complex problems
  • communicate to your dog in their language
  • improves awareness and safety
  • builds your dogs confidence, and yours!
  • avenue to experience freedom with your dog

Canine Communication (seminar)

Dog’s do not do anything “out of the blue”, there is always a reason and a way that the dog communicates how safe or comfortable he/she feels.  Learning how your dog communicates can help prevent the escalation of behaviour, and even stop it from happening at all.  The knowledge gained in this seminar enables you to do a better job at protecting and supporting your dog in any situation.  And that’s a great confidence booster for you and your dog!

Seminar length:  4 hours
Offered: two times every year
Location: varies
Cost:  $150 per person
Prerequisite:  None

influencing and problem solving behaviour (seminar)

At one point or another, all dogs will react to something or someone in an over-exuberant way… whether that be jumping up, lunging, or nipping in excitement or from fear, or becoming so aroused that they can no longer focus or pay attention to you.  In this seminar we will explore those things that trigger your dogs behaviour and what options you have to keep your dog safe in any situation.

Seminar length:  4 hours
Offered:  two times every year
Location:  varies
Cost:  $150 per person
Prerequisite:  None, although having completed the Canine Communication Seminar prior is extremely helpful.

Foundations to Training (Seminar)

All of our main training programs begin with an educational seminar to enhance your learning experience.  Based on your needs, these seminars may be beneficial to attend on their own.  Our team will recommend which foundational seminar would be the best fit for you based on the age of your dog, your current level of training, and the goals you have.  These seminars help you understand how your dog thinks, how and why they make the decisions they do, and what you can do to guide them or shape the behaviour that will support you throughout their life.

Seminar length:  2 hours
Offered:  approximately 2x month
Location:  clevercanines facility
Cost:  $50 per person, or free if registered for a training program (pupstart, jumpstart, core).
Prerequisite:  None


B.A.T. | Behaviour Adjustment Training (workshop)

If you have a reactive dog, this course is for you.  Taught by Bianca Nassey, CBATI (Certified Behaviour Adjustment Technique Instructor).

Seminar length:  2 hours
Offered: two three times a year
Location: varies
Cost:  $0 for club360 members; $75 per person
Prerequisite:  None, although it is extreamly beneficial if you have completed our core program.

Foundations to Trick Training (workshop)

Want your dog to do cool tricks like wave, put their toys away, or better yet, grab you a drink from the fridge? This seminar will help you on your way to teach some pretty cool tricks.

Foundation work is essential in teaching any trick to your dog. This seminar will show you the foundations to trick training, like luring, shaping, free-shaping, what rewards to use and when to use them, and some fun games you can play with your dog that will get them (and you) thinking!

Want to put this knowledge into action? Once you take this seminar, you will be able to join the Tricks for Treats club360 class where our trick instructor will help show you how to use these skills to teach some awesome tricks!

Seminar length:  2 hours
Offered:  contact us for dates
Location:  varies
Cost:  $0 for club360 members, or $50 per person
Prerequisite:  club360 member

Customize your own seminar or workshop

We are happy to work with you to build a seminar or workshop that is suited for your needs.  Contact us to talk about your needs or vision, or click the button below to learn how to hire a speaker.

Cost: varies based on content and length


I went home and walked Rylie right after the seminar. Paying attention to him with this new-found information was like him yelling at me! He had been communicating with me all the time but not only did not understand him, I didn’t even recognize that he was speaking. Now I pay attention and really try to listen to him.

Sonal with Rylie | canine communication seminar

I attended the seminar with Joe on the foundations of training and setting expectations, and I loved it. I learned so much about behaviour even at that seminar, also what our behaviour would be like. Joe knew exactly what to say, was humorous and very helpful in getting us going into the course.

Carrie with Barney | foundations seminar

This was extremely helpful to me…I had no idea how many signals I was missing. Who knew there was more than a wagging tail or raised hackles! And I love education/learning. Being able to learn this info in a classroom and give it my full attention without having my dog distract me was very helpful.

Cindy & Finn | canine communicaiton seminar 

To summerize… I learned a TON!  Very helpful.

Mark with Petrie | B.A.T. seminar

So fantastic. The part on expectations vs frustration levels was great – ‘Isn’t that interesting’… I say that a lot now. lol. Also, trigger stacking is big for Rylie and I when we have company. He gets so excited that I now intervene and give him a time out to relax.

Sonal with Rylie | influencing and problem solving behaviour seminar

Tracie did a great job with this seminar. Lots of examples and practice and repetition to make the info she is presenting clear to us. We could answer questions as we thought of them. I learned so much this day, that I made 5 pages of notes to refer back to!

Paula with Shadow | influencing and problem solving behaviour seminar

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