It's never too late to change a behaviour.

New-to-you dog? Start your relationship off right!

A well-trained dog is a happy and fun dog to be around!


Foundations was designed to get you working with your dog right away.  You’ll learn how to form desirable behaviours and how to positively reinforce them, as well as effective ways to stop common unwanted behaviours.  It’s never too early, or too late, to begin training your dog.

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I’m Not Sure Where To Start

Whether you are starting out with a new dog or want to start a new training path with your best friend, Foundations will guide you through the key concepts that will allow you to establish any command, skill, or behaviour. The fundamentals learned will equip you to understand your dog, support good manners, and prevent negative reactions. Foundations will show you how to build trust and strengthen your relationship with your dog.

My Dog is Pretty Good, But…

How does your on leash walk influence how perfectly your dog comes to you when called off leash? It might seem like opposite skills would counteract each other, but in fact everything is connected. Even your pup’s ability to approach dogs and people politely can depend on how well they can hold a stay. Foundations will help you connect the dots so you can get the responses and reliability you want from your dog.

YIKES!  My Dog Just Did ______!!  I think I need Help!

(^ insert behaviour here ^)

No one wants their dog to develop undesirable behaviours, yet it can be hard to know exactly what to do to fix them. We may see our dogs exhibiting behaviour that we don’t want, seems to be getting worse, or that could potentially become an issue if it continues. By showing you how to address the why behind your dog’s actions, Foundations will help you reset your relationship with your dog so you can get back to enjoying the time you spend with them.


  • introduction to canine behaviour and problem solving
  • understanding of how dogs think, learn and perceive the world around them
  • training fundamentals and key concepts
  • learn how to set up reliable commands, even amongst distractions or at a distance
  • loose leash walking
  • tips and techniques to get your dog to focus on you
  • exposure to different environments to learn how to handle different real-life situations
  • street safety
  • understanding how to make training more fun with your dog
  • how to reward your dog
  • skills:  sit, down, stay, recall (come)

You’ll also receive:

  • access to additional information and resources
  • ongoing support, even after you graduate
  • one complimentary dayschool credit
  • one special edition clevercanines hands-free leash
  • 10% off the purchase of a martingale collar and six-foot leash from Unleashed
  • 10% off and early registration privileges for core

Class structure and details:

  • two instructors at every class
  • 2 hour foundation building seminar (humans only)
  • four 1.5 hour hands-on classes
  • total of 8 hours of education, exposure, and experience in a group setting
  • outdoor classes to deal with real-life situations; (indoor classes during cold weather)
  • new classes every month
  • weeknight or weekend class options to choose from
  • make-up class options
  • $375 + GST



How old should my dog be?

Foundations is designed to support dogs of all ages.  However, for dogs under five months old, we strongly recommend our pupstart class as it’s geared specifically for dogs in young development stages.

Why is training better outdoors (versus indoors)?

Training outdoors gives you the “real life” experience based on situations you would or could run into whenever you are out with your dog.  Dogs can easily become accustomed to an indoor setting and often pay more attention to you, however, how often does squirrel run through your local community hall during a dog training class?  Most struggles happen outdoors so we feel that’s the environment best suited to help change unwanted behaviours.  We incorporate the lessons from different real-life situations as they happen into our regular curriculum giving you more confidence, skills and options when you are out on your own.

What other skills are taught asides from sit, down, stay, and recall?

Even if your dog already knows those four skills, many people don’t have 100% reliability with them in every environment.  These skills are also the essentials for so many other cool things you can do with your dog.  In this program, we reintroduce those skills as the base for building stronger reliability and use them to show you how to train your dog anything you want by following our three step command process.  We also work on loose leash walking, focus exercises, how to deal with jumping up on people, how to change behaviours, urban safety with your dog, and in our seminar the psychology that makes our dogs do what they do and how we can influence that for the better.  And, we teach you to be the cookie – which means we teach you to train your dog without the use of treats and instead, look to you as their reward.

I've already done some basic training with my dog - is this program to basic for me?

Our clients find that even when coming to class with some prior training experience, they come away with a whole new perspective on training.  Foundations takes place outdoors in environments that are a real challenge, therefore the ability to train in class translates into tremendous success at home.

My dog doesn't like other dogs, can I still take the class?

We hear this a lot.  That’s one of the reasons we have Foundations as the first step to rehabilitating a dog with poor social skills is to train them to follow commands in all situations.  Foundations gives you the formula and tactical steps to get your dogs attention and focus in all environments.  Yes, your dog is welcome.  If your dog has severe aggression issues we may require a muzzle for safety and for your own confidence.  If you’re still unsure, give us a call and we can discuss your individual concerns.

I'm sure my dog will bark the entire time - can I still participate?

Dogs bark – that’s a fact of life.  Most dogs who come to class start out barking and part way through the first class they’ve run out of things to say.  Our trainers are well versed in dealing with barking dogs, so if your dog is a barker don’t sweat it , in the last 15 years we’ve seen them all.

What are all the reasons this program would be good for me?

Foundations is designed to train you how to teach your dog appropriate behaviours, identify problems before they become habits, and set you up for a great life with well trained pet.  The skills in Foundations may not sound fancy, but the dogs who are good at these skills in all environments are the dogs that are welcome anywhere they go.  Give your dog and yourself the gift of life together, free from anger, frustration, worry or despair.  This is a great program to start you on your path to experience freedom with your dog.

What Our Clients Say

I recently completed Foundations with my one year old rescue dog. He is much better on leash and if I continue to be consistent with what I was taught he will be perfect! I also took advantage of the dayschool that was offered with Foundations. When he got home he was the calmest I have ever seen! I am still working hard to ensure I apply the skills I learnt and I often call the office to get more advice which has helped me so much! Thanks for taking my calls Clever Caines!!!

Sarah, with Brewster


We had tried 2 other methods of training with our extremely energetic and strong willed chocolate lab with absolutely no signs of improvement. A friend told us about Clever Canines so we gave the foundastions class a shot. We put the time and work in and began to see results within weeks. Our lab is now 4 years old and our lab behaves better than we could have ever imagined which gives us the confidence to take her anywhere! Great company run by great people!

Jordan, with Zoey


We did Foundations with instructors Mary & Bobby and I couldn’t say more amazing things. We looked at a lot of places before we decided to go with Clever Canines. We heard a lot of great things about them from friends of friends and online. Instantly from the first class we felt like we were already connecting with our dog. Mary and Bobby would take the time to individually work with dogs who were having a tough time concentrating that day. After our 4 classes were done we already have noticed a difference in our dog. We’ll always be working at the skills we’ve learned but we feel like we know what we’re doing, so we show our dog a confidence we didn’t have before we started our training. We’re thinking about doing another program through Clever Canines with our dog again just so we can go beyond the basic skills and to have that one on one time with her that she wouldn’t normally get because we work so often. Seriously thank you so much Mary & Bobby

Jenna, with Penny



Our core program is a great follow-up to foundations, where we get more in-depth with canine behaviour, dog and human interactions, and reactivity.

• graduates of foundations receive 10% off their core registration


• need extra help
• unique behaviour problems
• busy schedule
• limited availability
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