Walks, playtime, training and naps...what more could your dog want?

Take the day off, we’ll take the dog!

Walks, brain games and play make Fido’s best day


dayschool is what you’ve always wanted daycare to be. Exercise, brain training, and socialization come together to fulfill your dog’s needs in a balanced and educational environment. A focus on calm interactions and skill reinforcement allows you to relax knowing your pup is receiving the best possible care and training while they are with us. Daily grades keep you in the loop on their strengths and opportunities for further learning. dayschool truly integrates the best of daycare, the dog park and training to create the ultimate spot to drop your dog off for the day. 

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All the fun. All the friends. None of the bad habits.

dayschool will be your dog’s favourite place if they love to have fun and make friends. Our trainers provide daily training and walks and ensure everyone is communicating and playing courteously.  dayschool’s structured pro-social design increases your dog’s social skills and confidence. Our trainers reinforce good habits and teach polite manners so you’re bringing home a pet you can be proud of.  Monthly special events and Birthday Pawty celebrations are included in your regular reservation, so there are endless options for fun! dayschool is like Disneyland for dogs! 

Busy day? Send your dog to school while you work!

There’s a reason dayschool isn’t just called daycare. All visits include a walk, group and individual training. Supervised play and strategic naps ensure every dog has fun and downtime. Extended hours and pop-up weekend dates provide flexibility so you can focus on your task list knowing your dog is enjoying their day with our pack. Plus, they will come home tired and with improved skills! dayschool is the premier training-integrated daycare in Calgary.

The only place in Calgary with a ZEN room for adult dogs.

Some dogs prefer to spend their time in the company of other calm dogs and avoid rambunctious puppies. dayschool is the first daycare in Calgary with a section for mature dogs. The low-stress environment allows your dog to rest, make friends or play at their own pace. Socialization is important at any age, even if your dog is shy, slowing down, has reached their senior years, or the fun police. dayschool gives the dogs who want to get out of the hustle and bustle a place to relax.

…while still cared for, still regular activities, without missing out on regular activities… Lone Wolves

An outdoor area that is specifically designed for dogs!

Our attached 2000sqft barkyard is an enrichment area purposely built with safety and fun in mind.  It’s 4” thick bark mulch base is soft on the paws, and absorbs impact when running or jumping off of equipment.  No matter if your dog is bold or shy, they will enjoy utilizing our park’s agility equipment for confidence building, learning, growing, and having a fun adventure.  No matter the weather, spending time in the barkyard is often a dog’s favourite part of their day!


  • introduction to canine behaviour
  • understanding of how dogs think, learn and perceive the world around them
  • training fundamentals and key concepts
  • learn how to set up reliable commands, even amongst distractions or at a distance
  • loose leash walking
  • tips and techniques to get your dog to focus on you
  • exposure to different environments to learn how to handle different real-life situations
  • street safety

You’ll also receive:

  • access to additional information and resources
  • unlimited ongoing support, even after you graduate
  • one complimentary dayschool credit
  • one special edition clevercanines hands-free leash
  • 10% off the purchase of a martingale collar and six-foot leash from Unleashed
  • 10% off and early registration privileges for core

Class structure and details:

  • two instructors at every class
  • 2 hour opening seminar (humans only)
  • four 1.5 hour hands-on classes
  • total of 8 hours of education, exposure, and experience in a group setting
  • outdoor classes (to deal with real-life situations); indoor classes during cold weather
  • make-up class options
  • $300 + GST


How do I register my dog for daycare?

First visit?
Step one his filling out the dayschool registration form (link).  Our team will review your form and contact you if we have any health or behaviour concerns.  Provided that your dog is in good health and is friendly towards other dogs and people, we will set you up a dayschool account and schedule your first day assessment visit.  There is no additional charge for first visits.

Additional visits?
Once your dog is approved for regular dayschool visits (after your first day assessment), you can book additional visits through your reservation account.  There is no miniumums or maximums for how often you book.  Your dog is welcome anytime you need us!


What are the hours I can drop off or pick up my dog?

You can drop your dog off and pick them up any time between 6:00am and 6:30 pm.  For security reasons, we lock the dayschool door between 10:00am and 3:00pm, so if you are dropping your dog off or picking up between these times just give the office a call and we’ll let you in.  The last walk goes out at 1:00pm, so any drop offs after this time mean your dog will not get their daily walk.

How do you screen dogs to ensure daycare is a good fit?

Our registration form is our first screening tool to determine whether or not a dog would be a good fit in our environment.  Once our staff is comfortable with the registration form’s information, we book a first day assessment.  During your dog’s first day, our trainers spend extra time with each new dog to ensure the dog is comfortable and fitting in.  The assessment includes your dogs willingness to be handled by strangers, their ability to interact politely with dogs of all ages, sizes, and energy levels, their play style, their loose leash walking ability, and their responsiveness to obedience skills.  Sometimes one visit is not enough to provide a proper assessment, as with any new environment, it can be a little overwhelming at first.  In these cases, we will continue the assessment over the next few visits as we want to give each dog the best opportunity to join us.

Do you take intact dogs?

Yes, we take intact dogs, although we do have a couple rules…  

We require intact females to take a break from dayschool as they come into their heat cycle until it is thoroughly finished.  The break period usually works out to be approximately 30 days.

Intact males may be asked to take a break due to excessive mounting or constant marking.  While mounting can be a part of a dog’s normal play or way to communicate status, excessive mounting usually comes with strong fixations that can lead to unsafe situations.  Once the male dog’s hormones balance out, the dog is welcome back.  The break period is different for every dog, and can be necessary at different times throughout the dog’s first few years if they remain intact.  This is because hormones surge, then level out, then surge again, then level out, several times until they turn two.  At first these hormones are a new feeling to the dog, but as time goes on the dog gets used to them and the surges are not as strong or high, leading to their overall balance.

What vaccinations do you require?

While three rounds of vaccinations are still recommended by vets nationwide, recent studies have shown that starting socialization around 8 weeks, in a clean and supervised environment, is far more beneficial to the development of your puppy than waiting until after the 16 – 18 week mark. For further information about the importance of early socialization, and how to keep your puppy safe, you can refer to this statement from The American Veteranary Society of Animal Behaviour or this article from our industry mentor Dr. Karen Becker: Early Immunization vs. Early Socialization in Puppies.

We do not require any set vaccinations prior to starting class. What we ask for is a healthy dog. As a general guideline, we follow Dr. Jean Dodd’s Vaccination Protocol with our own dog’s and recommend the same protocol to all of our clients.

Does my dog have to have had completed a training class with CleverCanines to attend daycare?

Your dog does not have to have attended a clevercanines training class to attend dayschool, however we do find that clients get the most out of their experience with us when they have participated in a training class with us.

Will dayschool help my dog learn how to socialize with other dogs better?

dayschool is a great way for puppies to learn how to socialize as they grow, and for adult dogs with good social skills to keep practicing the good habits as they age. 

dayschool is not appropriate for dogs who have poor social skills, reactivity, or aggression issues with other dogs or people.  If your dog is still learning, or need to learn, how to be polite in social situations, we recommend joining one of our training programs first and allowing our training and behaviour team to support you in reaching your goals.

What type of training do your staff have?

Our staff go through 80+ hours of training before they are certified as dayschool trainers.  This training includes pet first aid, passing a daycare specific on-line certification program, seminars on canine communication, partaking in a training class, participation in our internal Canine Mastery Program, and hands-on apprentice style training.  We pride ourselves on having the highest training levels in our industry.

What are all the pricing packages available to me?

The more you come the more you save!  Our pricing packages are based on frequency of use (not bulk purchases).  We offer discounts for coming two times per week, three times per week, and unlimited monthly visits.  Our pricing packages can be found here ( link)

What will my dog's day look like? What will they do throughout the day?

Dogs at dayschool get time to socialize, play, walk, nap, and learn… everyday!  And, everything is included in our daily rate – no extra charges!

Your dog will be paired with four or five other buddies for the day, and they will walk together, play together, learn together, and nap together.  Your dogs group will socialize with other groups throughout the day as they play both indoors and outdoors in our fully fenced agility based barkyard!  Daily training from basic manners to advanced skills or tricks happen both in a group as well as individually.  Each day includes a 45 to 60 minute loose-leash walk.  All dogs have an opportunity for 45 minutes of quiet time, although some dogs like (or need) to have a bit more!  Your dog also has access to an outdoor potty area throughout the day so they don’t pick up bad behaviours of eliminating indoors!  Our team engages the dogs through games, toys, confidence building equipment, and other activities.  In a nutshell, your dog will have a blast and come home wanting nothing more than to relax with you!

What would make my dog unqualified or ineligible for daycare?

If your dog has aggression or significant fear issues towards other dogs or people they would be ineligible for admission to dayschool.  Some intact dogs are also not a good fit when they display over the top sexual behaviours, although this is usually temporary as the dogs hormone levels balance out either through time or through neutering.  

Daycare is not a good fit for every dog.  Some dogs find the environment to be overwhelming or stressful, and therefore it is not fun for them.

Our team of trainers are constantly assessing all of the dogs to ensure they remain a good fit for our safe & fun environment.

What Our Clients Say

Kala V Pepper

I have been taking my dog here for over 5 years. My dog is very energetic and can be reactive, but they work with her and her specific needs. Each day they take the dogs for a walk in groups of 5, 1 hour nap time, play time outside in the yard, indoor play time and a daily training focus, such as 10 minute sit stay, confidence building, find the treat, agility etc. The owner loves dogs, but is also business minded, so her priorities are on the care of the dogs and customer service. Recently, they built an outdoor fenced off agility/play area, which the dogs love. I have found that many other doggy day care facilities in the city have based their program structure on the Clever Canines model. This further compliments their ability and dedication toward the dogs in their care.

Chris, with Kala V Pepper


Maya, the Golden RetrieverMaya attends dayschool a few times a month. The staff in the dayschool are awesome. They continue to work on the core principles with our dog. My husband is continually amazed by the invisible line the dogs wait behind when he comes to drop off Maya. Our pup gets to socialize in a safe setting and comes home tired not just from playing, but from thinking. Maya is now 9 months old and we just finished core. It was a very worthwhile investment and worth every minute of my time. Once again, the instruction was excellent and the classes were fun. Each 1 1/2 hour lesson flew by. The instructor always made time for questions, during and after class. I highly recommend clevercanines!

Diane, with Maya



Kallie the Great Dane I own a Great Dane, Kallie. I have taken their puppy classes, core classes and also joined their club360 and she attends their dayschool.  Anytime she exhibits a new behavior they are able to explain it and if it’s an undesirable behavior, different methods of trying to correct it. dayschool is amazing; I know she is well looked after and at the end of each month I get a report card on each individual day she attends with remarks on her behavior and gets graded on how well she did on her walk and their task for the day (ie 5 min sit). The staff there is amazing and friendly and you can tell they are truly passionate about what they are doing.

Alexandra, with Kallie



Our core program is a great follow-up to foundations, where we get more in-depth with canine behaviour, dog and human interactions, and reactivity.

• graduates of foundations receive 10% off their core registration


• need extra help
• unique behaviour problems
• busy schedule
• limited availability
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