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Let your office or classroom go to the dogs!

Businesses and schools are seeing dogs in their environments more and more these days and clevercanines can help you safely manage interactions in both of these environments.  Dogs can provide a tremendous sense of well being for both employees and children but sometimes animals in our work space or classrooms can have negative impacts when not addressed correctly at the outset.  

We would love to talk to you about ideas you have, help you assess the pros and cons, and work with you to implement a dog friendly program that works for you.


  • Door installation or replacement
  • Trim installation or replacement
  • Crown molding installation
  • Cabinet installations, repairs, replacements
  • Window installation and replacement
  • Decorative Woodworking Solutions
  • Decks, Benches, and Outdoor Furniture
  • Shelving and Cases
  • General Handyman Services

Dog-Friendly Workplace Training

Are you considering a dog friendly workplace?  Correct implementation can be the difference between a long term success and a frustratingly short and doomed experiment.  clevercanines can help you implement a dog friendly workplace program following best practices designed to ensure all of your employees (even the ones who don’t like dogs) have a positive experience.  Contact us to find out how we can get your workplace ready to go to the dogs.

Invite Us to your School

Kids love dogs but they don’t always have a positive experience with them.  Teaching children how to interact respectfully and safely with dogs can prevent injuries and lead to a lifetime of respect and appreciation for animals.  Our team has been teaching children how to have safe, fun and positive interactions with dogs for over 15 years.  Give us a call if you’d like some more information about our school programs.

Lunch & Learns

Have a bunch of dog loving employees or co-workers?  Book us to come and share some cool concepts, fun stories, and education about our beloved canine companions.  

Carpentry Services

Are you considering a dog friendly workplace?  Do you have employees who may regularly come into contact with dogs?  Maybe you just want and interesting topic for a lunch and learn for your employees, in any case clever canines can help.  Many times a subject matter expert can help a program or project go from good to great let us know what you’ve got in mind and we’ll let you how we can help.  Contact us for more details. 

We were planning a get-together for our office, and with so many animal lovers on our team, having a guest speaker from clevercanines seemed like a perfect fit. We were fortunate to have Tracie Nielson, owner and founder, as our speaker. She was so knowledgeable and engaging. Our whole team really enjoyed the session and learned so much that they could take home and immediately apply with their furry friends.

Brenda Ball, owner of Amicus Reporting Group
Lunch & Learn

I would highly recommend clevercanines for your group. Not only is it educational and an interesting topic for a team get-together – it was fun!

Lunch & Learn

Looking for a fun and educational team-building event?
Do you have dog lovers on your team or in your group?
If you answered yes, I would highly recommend clevercanines. We did, and we loved it!

Lunch & Learn

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