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The core is the first program clevercanines launched in 2005. It has evolved and grown since, but the underlying goal has remained the same: To help you enjoy freedom with your dog, in real life! core does more than just show you how to work with your dog. No matter your current training level, the unique design of this program will help you create lasting patterns and build skills that will become second nature for you and your dog. Training your dog will become a seamless and fun part of your daily life. 

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I want to take my dog everywhere.

A dog you can take everywhere isn’t a dream.  Dog training, like exercise, is not a one-time event.  The more you do the stronger your skills become and the easier it gets. The most fun you can have with your dog is for them to be happy and welcome wherever you go. core is lifestyle training – with a deep understanding of canine behaviour and psychology, and instruction in real-life settings, you will gain the tools and experience to create a well-balanced dog that you can take literally anywhere.

Preparing for all that life has to offer.

Relationships, travel, promotions, family, moving – our goals affect our dogs, too – and core will help you prepare for the years ahead. The time and energy you give to your dog now will set them up for the rest of your life together, no matter their age. Any goal is attainable when you approach it with your dog’s individual needs and personality in mind. The core will put you on track to meet and exceed what you thought possible with your dog. 

… goals: camping, hiking, visiting dog parks, welcoming a baby, ………

Achieving a well-mannered, respectful, good dog is a journey.

Improve your dog’s mental health and create balance with core to guide you as you explore the intricacies of your dog’s behaviour. You’ll learn how to promote positive associations, confidence, sociability, and reliability. Plus, pinpoint triggers for excitement, reactivity, or nervousness to reduce unwanted behaviours. core illustrates the why so you can manage and keep your dog safe in any situation.  Take part in the #gooddogchallenge and see what’s possible.


  • introduction to canine behaviour
  • understanding of how dogs think, learn and perceive the world around them
  • training fundamentals and key concepts
  • learn how to set up reliable commands, even amongst distractions or at a distance
  • loose leash walking
  • tips and techniques to get your dog to focus on you
  • exposure to different environments to learn how to handle different real-life situations
  • street safety

You’ll also receive:

  • access to additional information and resources
  • unlimited ongoing support, even after you graduate
  • one complimentary dayschool credit
  • one special edition clevercanines hands-free leash
  • 10% off the purchase of a martingale collar and six-foot leash from Unleashed
  • 10% off and early registration privileges for core

Class structure and details:

  • two instructors at every class
  • 2 hour opening seminar (humans only)
  • four 1.5 hour hands-on classes
  • total of 8 hours of education, exposure, and experience in a group setting
  • outdoor classes (to deal with real-life situations); indoor classes during cold weather
  • make-up class options
  • $300 + GST


What if I cannot make every scheduled class?

If you can’t make it to all of the classes don’t sweat it, we’ve got plenty of make up options, and our instructors always arrive early and stay late and can catch you up on what you’ve missed either before or after class.

core is a progressive course, which means everything we do builds on something else we’ve done.  So if you miss a class, you won’t have missed a skill entirely, rather just a part of it, which makes it easier to catch you up!

We always post a make-up calendar where you can self-facilitate class make-ups as that same class is likely running with another instructor either the same week, the week prior, or the week after. 

Shift worker?  No problem, we can still make core work for you.  Give us a call and we can help map out a plan that will have you attending the majority, of not all, of the classes offered.

Who, if anyone, should attend class with me? And what if they can't come to every class?

Anyone who wants to have terrific relationship with your dog should come to class with you.  For the best results, we recommend the entire family participate in training as it helps build consistency.  Learning is easy for a dog when everyone is consistent and on the same page. 

That being said, the classes are 1.5 hours in length and that can be tough for younger children, however some of our best students have been 10 year old kids who aren’t afraid to call out Mom or Dad for not following “the rules”!  If members of your family can not make every class with you, thats fine too, just make sure you fill them in on what they missed before the next class and they won’t feel lost.

What are my payment options? Is there a payment plan?

Payment can be made in full when signing up, or we have a six month credit card payment plan option.  Payment is what secures your spot so if there is a particular class you want, it’s best to sign up early as to not be disappointed.

I'm working through some serious behaviour issues, would this course be a good fit for us or should I look at having a private session instead?

We’ve been running the core program for 15 years and there are very few instances of severe behaviour we have encountered that weren’t helped tremendously by core.  As the owner of a dog with behaviour issues, sometimes we think the behaviours are far worse than they actually are because we’re embarrassed by them. 

If you’re unsure just give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss the behaviour problems you’re experiencing and asses if core would would help.

This is a big commitment... do you have other options, or why is it worth it?

Big commitment?  Yup!  But, big results too!  You’re right… core is a big commitment, but so is having a dog.  We have found that core is the best way to get both the dog and the owner developing the right techniques and habits for a long enough period of time to have them actually stick.  Unfortunately, many websites and YouTube offer “quick fix” solutions to dog training; our program is designed to last for the long haul.  

Really, when you look at the lifetime you’ll have with your dog, core actually takes up only a small amount of time.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish over the length of the course.  You will increase: skill reliability, knowledge, confidence, trust, communication skills, problem solving skills, fun, freedom, your connection and understanding… basically, your overall relationship – AND, it’s all mutual!  You tell me… is that worth it?

I've seen other programs offered that look similar to core. What makes this one different?

We have been running the core for 15 years, and it has been so successful many companies have tried to copy us – we have been imitated but never duplicated.  This also means the people running some of the “sounds-like” courses in Calgary were barley in junior high when we started running core.  core is the most comprehensive training class available in western Canada, period.

I have more than one dog. Which dog should I take to class, or do I take each of them?

When taking more than one dog through core, a handler for each dog is a must.  It’s important that you can work with one dog at a time to perfect each skill individually before you start practicing that skill with multiple dogs at once.  

If you don’t have a handler for each dog we suggest you take the more challenging dog to class and apply all the lessons you learn in class to the other dog(s) at home.  The reason for the choosing the more challenging dog is to be able to have the instructors give you specific help for the harder problems you face with that dog.  Another option is to ask a friend to come to class with you.  The price for additional dogs is 50% off the regular price, which makes it a little easier to deal with if your friend can not make it to every single class.

During class, you can swap dogs between you and your family member or friend so you have the opportunity to work with each dog yourself.  Towards the middle of core, you may be able to start working with one handler and both dogs, but it’s still important to have a second handler so you have the option to hand off one of the dogs when things get a little tricky or you need to address a specific behaviour.

Why are your classes outdoors?

Training outdoors gives you the “real life” experience based on situations you would or could run into whenever you are out with your dog.  Dogs can easily become accustomed to an indoor setting and often pay more attention to you, however, how often does squirrel run through your local community hall during a dog training class?  Most struggles happen outdoors so we feel that’s the environment best suited to help change unwanted behaviours.  We incorporate the lessons from different real-life situations as they happen into our regular curriculum giving you more confidence, skills and options when you are out on your own.

What Our Clients Say

I highly recommend using Clever Canines for the fur babies. Clever Canines was recommended to us by our breeder. As it was 20 years since we’ve owned a dog – we thought a refresher course would be a great idea. We completed Foundations and were surprised that a dog could be trained without a clicker or a treat! Izzy responded so well to this – we enrolled her in Core. Yes it is a huge commitment – but so is owning a dog. We learned so much and had fun with the group – the time flew by. The leaders, Alex and Bobby are wonderful. They are there to support and answer any questions. At the end of the 10 weeks – the difference in our dog was remarkable! Our dog also attends dayschool and has so much fun with her buddies.

Gina, with Izzy & Ruby


We recently completed the Core program with Clever Canines. Our trainers Ashleigh & Karli were excellent. We really enjoyed working with our dog and watching her learn new skills. Every class is in a different environment and exposes both you and your dog to new challenges. It was fun watching the other dogs and owners in the group progress as they move through the classes. We have 3 rescue dogs and have been through several good training programs with other trainers, but Clever Canines was by far the most comprehensive. Well worth the price!

Mark, with Macy


My boyfriend and I enrolled our puppy Harvey in pupstart and core with Clever Canines, and we have taken to him at dayschool as well. The staff at Clever Canines are truly amazing with the biggest hearts, they go above and beyond with their attention to detail and care for every dog they train and help. Our puppy Harvey is very high energy, and Clever Canines has given us the tools and resources to harness his energy mentally on a positive level. Clever Canines is a life saver – all of the staff in our courses has given us exceptional advice and support. Even after training finishes, you can still contact Clever Canines with questions. I have several times, and I find that truly amazing that they care even after training is complete. Clever canines not only trains your dog, but trains you! They believe in educating you to understand your dogs signals, so you can effectively communicate with your dog and build a relationship based on trust and respect. Having the ability to pick up on my dogs signals has made life so much easier, and the training we have done through Clever Canines truly has given us more freedom in our lives to take Harvey anywhere. For their core program, classes are done all around the city to ensure your dog gets used to different environments, instead of being trained in the same facility. Exposing your dog to different environments is key. I have recommended Clever Canines to many of my friends and family, they are in my opinion the best training facility in Calgary and area. Go train your dog here if you are looking for an excellent training facility and daycare!

Cathy, with Harvey



Our core program is a great follow-up to foundations, where we get more in-depth with canine behaviour, dog and human interactions, and reactivity.

• graduates of foundations receive 10% off their core registration


• need extra help
• unique behaviour problems
• busy schedule
• limited availability
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