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club360 is a year-round training membership that allows you to completely customize your experience. Choose from monthly class offerings to create your ideal schedule and training program. New and alternative techniques like trick training and behaviour modification take your skills to another level or enjoy a relaxing walk while getting to know your fellow members and our city. You’ll even have options to get out of town with hiking and camping trips. club360 is anything you want it to be! 

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We are here for you because we have been where you are. Whether you want to keep up your skills, gain a social outlet, or you need new and different ways to accomplish your goals, we’ve got you covered! Each class was created for you and your dog, fuelled by your needs and backed by experience and our results-based formula. With a mixture of fun, social, practical, and skill classes, club360 truly gives you the opportunity to find classes that support your goals.

Is there a class for _____?

You bet! Choose from skill classes, group walks, and adventure, or study something new with our learning and savvy studies series. Special events offer fun opportunities to do something a little different. Whether you are looking for relaxed and social outings, you want to try something completely new, or you want to get serious about a specific aspect of your training, club360 has a class for you! 

I want to keep up with my training, and my budget.

With over twenty classes per month, club360 saves you money on your training! Plus, you can pick what works for your schedule and your personal goals with your dog, so your hard-earned dollars go exactly where you want them. Additional discounts on other classes, dayschool, and at partner businesses throughout the city, make club360 the most cost-effective way to train! 


  • introduction to canine behaviour
  • understanding of how dogs think, learn and perceive the world around them
  • training fundamentals and key concepts
  • learn how to set up reliable commands, even amongst distractions or at a distance
  • loose leash walking
  • tips and techniques to get your dog to focus on you
  • exposure to different environments to learn how to handle different real-life situations
  • street safety

You’ll also receive:

  • access to additional information and resources
  • unlimited ongoing support, even after you graduate
  • one complimentary dayschool credit
  • one special edition clevercanines hands-free leash
  • 10% off the purchase of a martingale collar and six-foot leash from Unleashed
  • 10% off and early registration privileges for core

Class structure and details:

  • two instructors at every class
  • 2 hour opening seminar (humans only)
  • four 1.5 hour hands-on classes
  • total of 8 hours of education, exposure, and experience in a group setting
  • outdoor classes (to deal with real-life situations); indoor classes during cold weather
  • make-up class options
  • $300 + GST


What are example class offerings in each of the categories?

Here are the six main categories that our classes are organized in along with examples of what types of classes/lessons would be included in those categories:

Skill classes – recall, sit, down, stop, loose-leash walking, off-leash walking

Savvy studies – canine gymnastics (agility based), play & games with your dog, confidence building, cool commands, distraction and impulse control, water safety

Adventure – hiking, snowshoeing, biking, camping

Group walks – know your neighbours walks, pup crawls (which end with everyone going to the pub!), urban hikes

Learning Series – seminars, education, reactivity (Behaviour Adjustment Training 2.0), trick training (free shaping, luring, chaining, clicker)

Special Events – scavenger hunt, Halloween howl, bonfire party, shopping parties (for human and canine gear), pub events

What does a monthly class offerings schedule look like?

club360 is a year-round club, meaning we offer classes every month of the year.  The number of classes offered each month range from 15 to 25.  When the demand is high, we run more classes.  Some class types repeat within the month to ensure that all club360 members have the chance to participate in the classes they love.  Example:  we may run the same reliable recall class two or three times in a month to accommodate everyone who is interested in that specific class.

As a club360 member, you get to choose what classes you attend.  Some members like to participate in one class a month, while other members come to nearly every one we have scheduled!  There is no minimum or maximum; the flexibility is yours!

Although the majority of classes take place on weekday evenings and weekends, we do have a few weekday morning classes available.  We monitor popular times and always increase our offerings based on client participation.

Are there any limitations or restrictions to what classes, or how many classes, I can sign up for?

You can sign up for as many classes each month as you like, their are no limitations on the number of classes you can attend.  Some classes, however, will require you to attend a seminar prior to the hands-on class.  These classes tend to be more advanced and/or require an academic understanding of the concepts before applying them.  All seminars are included in the price of your club360 membership.

Are there options for less than a year long membership, such as monthly or per-class drop in rates?

club360 is a year long membership and as such we do not have a drop in or class by class option.  The benefit from club360 comes from attending a variety of classes regularly to support in maintaining or advancing skills, which is tough to accomplish on a “drop in” basis.

Do classes run year round, regardless of weather?

Yes, classes run year round regardless of weather.  Some outdoor classes in the winter will be modified or moved inside when the weather gets really cold.  You have to provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog everyday regardless of weather, so why not do it in a club360 class that is fun, motivating, and with like-minded people?

I have more than one dog, do I need a membership for each of them?

If you have more than one dog you have two membership options.  The first option is get a membership for both dogs and they can both attend classes at the same time.  The second dog membership is half price, so it makes it reasonable if you decide to only bring one dog to class every now and then.  With a two dog membership, you have the choice to bring both if you wish.

The second option is to purchase one membership and alternate which dog comes to class with you.  This option allows you to spend special quality time with just one dog, giving you the opportunity to focus on that dog’s needs.  With the same class offered a couple different times each month, some clients choose to attend twice, once with one dog, and then again with the other.

I did core with my previous dog, do I have to take core again with my new dog before joining club360?

If you have done core with a prior dog you may join club360 with your new dog, provided the new dog is at a similar skill level as a core graduate.  This is assuming that you are taking the skills you learned in core with your other dog and have been applying them with your new dog.  Majority of clients choose to take core again with their new dog anyway, as the needs and skill levels are usually different.  Overall, we highly encourage you take core again with the new dog, but in certain cases it may not be necessary.

Can I try a club360 class before I make the decision to join?

core graduates are gifted with two club360 classes to be used the month after they graduate, providing you an option to “try before you buy”.

Can other family members participate in class with me?

Of course!  Just like core, we do not have a limit as to how many humans attend class with your dog.  Also, the membership is based on the dog, so any family member or friend with experience in clevercanines training can attend with your dog instead of you.  

Do I have to have had completed a previous program before joining club360?

Only core graduates are eligible to become club360 members.  club360 is meant to take what you learned in core and grow your knowledge and skills from that base, all while giving you different opportunities to practice in different training environments which helps build stronger reliability and trust.  core ensures that everyone in club360 is starting with the same understanding, which allows us to advance the curriculum and play more games, keeping you challenged and having fun at the same time!

You can find out more about core by clicking here!  (link)

When can I join?

You can join club360 at any point throughout the year, and your annual membership would start from that point.  However, we do offer a 10% discount the month immediately following you graduation from core, so that is a particularly good time to join!

Do all classes take place outdoors?

While majority of our classes take place outdoors, we do have some that are held indoors.  And sometimes we like to bring the indoor classes outdoors!  It all depends on that class’s curriculum and sometimes the weather.  Super cold weather does affect outdoor classes, and if the curriculum can be adapted for indoors, we will move the class inside instead of cancelling.

Working outdoors provides the best opportunity for practicing with real-life distractions and challenges.  Overall, it helps to proof our skills and strengthen the reliability.  Some classes, like Tricks For Treats, benefit from removing as many distractions as possible, which is where working inside our facility is favourable.  Every class has a description so you know where the class will be held.


How do I know if my dog is ready for club360?

If you completed core, you are ready for club360 (and so is your dog!)  Your dog does not need to be at an advanced level or have mastered all the skills taught in core.  Each club360 class is designed to support you at whatever level you and your dog are at.  If you are more advanced, you will have options in club360 to challenge yourself further, and if you still need support, well, then you couldn’t be in a better place!

Are there additional perks to being a club360 member?

There are many additional benefits to becoming a club360 member, from discounts at our favourite stores to special events and exclusive invitations.  Click here to see the additional benefits of being club360 member. (link)

What Our Clients Say

As recent graduates of pupstart & core, frequent dayschool attendees, and now participating in club360; we are so happy with the level of knowledge and care the staff provides. A great balance of structure, play and practice has really helped us keep our puppy’s learning on track. Everything we invested into Clever Canines we have received back ten fold. It’s so satisfying to see hard work pay off!

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Our core program is a great follow-up to foundations, where we get more in-depth with canine behaviour, dog and human interactions, and reactivity.

• graduates of foundations receive 10% off their core registration


• need extra help
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• busy schedule
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