Support team

Our team is the foundation of clevercanines.  Our exceptional team of devoted individuals is why and how we are able to offer a high level of service and support to our clients.

Every team member has completed extensive training to qualify them to be of service to you. Our intense Corporate Training Program provides our team with up to 100 hours of training, both in the classroom and in the field. Team members gain understanding of the latest training methods and techniques, while building sound knowledge in canine behaviour and handling skills. Ongoing training is important and team members have opportunities to attend seminars, utilize the company’s extensive resource library, and constantly study and observe dogs. Each team member’s high level of experience and training allows them to tailor their support and training method to each client and dog individually.

Our aim is to give you an exceptional experience and support YOU in your lifestyle with your dog. Our team is not only passionate about dogs but also passionate about people.

We look forward to meeting you and working with your dog!

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Adam Berti

Tech Specialist

Team Member Since: 2010

I came to clevercanines because of my desire to help a small business with the successful implementation and efficient use of Apple products and technology. I like to help see others grow their businesses and see success.

The one thing I love sharing about clevercanines is that it’s really a fun place to be and everyone is always having a great time doing their jobs.

Shawna Robinson

Advertising Specialist and Creative Strategist

Team Member Since: 2011

Our dominant, bossy, barking, biting, rude, aggressive, uncontrollable, high-energy working-breed puppy literally LED us to clevercanines. Absolutely no other training method gave us results, because those labels – without a true understanding of the behaviour behind them – limited our opportunities. Our lives changed overnight after our first jumpstart class; Remy began to relax, we became more confident, and, slowly, our home became balanced all because of gaining a deep understanding of what makes Remy, Remy.

The most powerful lesson learned from clevercanines is to keep growing together. Every year we are learning new things about our dog, giving him new challenges, and trying new things – and we change, too. What worked last year, sometimes doesn’t work this year! Being part of this community has given me the confidence that I have the support and tools to make sure Remy will be a calm, respectful and happy family member for life.

Stephen Wonfor

Database Manager

Team Member Since: 2011

In my line of work, my clients are practically chosen for me. I received an email from Tracie requesting my help with their database, and that’s how I came to work with the clevercanines. The passion of the team, and the charm of all the staff have kept me close. I really enjoy working with this group of people.

I’m fortunate enough to be on the ‘inside’ of the clevercanines team. What matters to them, matters very quickly to me. (Even though i’m a Felis Silvestris Catus person.)

Ty Bohnet

Web Master

Team Member Since: 2012

I discovered clevercanines when i was hired to develop and maintain the new website. It was an exciting process, and a very different project than anything else I’ve taken on. The entire clevercanines team has an impressive amount of dedication to their clients and passion for their industry. It encouraged me to mirror that level of passion while working with them. It has been totally satisfying connecting with a team who is so committed to bringing the best possible experience to their customers — both online and off — and to keep them coming back

I’m confident to recommend clevercanines to my dog-crazy friends and family just based on the enthusiasm of the staff and the knowledge they put forth on the website. When my two small children are old enough to take care of a dog, I know where I’ll be taking it to learn how NOT to destroy my furniture! I look forward to working with clevercanines well into 2013 and beyond.