Staff coaches

Our team is the foundation of clevercanines.  Our exceptional team of devoted individuals is why and how we are able to offer a high level of service and support to our clients.

Every team member has completed extensive training to qualify them to be of service to you. Our intense Corporate Training Program provides our team with up to 100 hours of training, both in the classroom and in the field. Team members gain understanding of the latest training methods and techniques, while building sound knowledge in canine behaviour and handling skills. Ongoing training is important and team members have opportunities to attend seminars, utilize the company’s extensive resource library, and constantly study and observe dogs. Each team member’s high level of experience and training allows them to tailor their support and training method to each client and dog individually.

Our aim is to give you an exceptional experience and support YOU in your lifestyle with your dog. Our team is not only passionate about dogs but also passionate about people.

We look forward to meeting you and working with your dog!

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Andrea Williams


Team Member Since: 2016

Joining the clevercanines team feels like a natural step in the process – having been a client, volunteer, general cheerleader, now a team member. I’m looking forward to being a more integral part of a team that has a positive and enduring impact on people’s lives with their dogs.

The greatest value I will bring the team is my commitment to the clevercanines approach. I saw behavioural changes very quickly when Jake and I began using the clevercanines techniques which was gratifying, but even more significantly, over time as I have come to understand myself and Jake more deeply, I’ve gained a new appreciation of the philosophy overall and the benefits of being fully committed to it. I found this was really useful when volunteering as I could offer a wider perspective to clients who may have been distracted by short-term frustrations.

Colleen Marte


Team Member Since: 2013

My newly adopted dog Keisha, ultimately brought me to clevercanines. She would run and hide when I turned on the TV. And pull my shoulder out of its socket on walks. The clevercanines philosophy and techniques of working outdoors, at different locations, and without treats was extremely attractive to us. After jumpstart, we were hooked!

clevercanines has given me the ability to experience the ultimate summer freedom – camping and hiking for two months alone with my two dogs. I was never stressed that it was only me to look after both my dogs – that I had no one else to learn on for help. I travelled without issue and was continually impressing people with how well-behaved my dogs are

Darren Berdine


Team Member Since: 2015

The skill that I bring to clevercanines is my patience and ability to connect with a wide variety of people and dogs.

What is most exciting to me about joining the clevercanines team is to expand my knowledge is canine behaviour and to use that knowledge to help others experience freedom and pleasure of sharing their lives with their own dogs.

Diana O’Brien


Instructor: pupstart jumpstart, core, club360

dayschool Trainer

Team Member Since: 2015

It’s exciting to me to join a team who’s values are in line with my own, who pride themselves in giving top quality personable customer service in a world today where too much is automated and anonymous. Growth, expansion and change is what keeps the human experience interesting and challenging and it’s so great to join a company who embraces that viewpoint, without ever sacrificing the integrity of it’s values. Variety to me is the spice of life and it’s a dream to me to be working in a field where I can be productive and contribute in so many different ways.

I believe my greatest value to the team is my ability to take on new adventures with over the top commitment and zeal. You can be sure of my dedication and loyalty as a team player who will do my best to support the team as well as ensure that I’m giving 150% to the task at hand.

Rachel Ward


Instructor: jumpstart, core, club360

Team Member Since: 2013

As an aspiring veterinarian, I was eager to get as much experience working with dogs and their owners as possible. Remembering what I had heard about the clevercanines program I know that it matched my own beliefs that dog training should be about creating a balanced and understanding relationship between a dog and their owner.

The most powerful clevercanines tools that helped me with my dogs was calmness. My Golden Retriever, Fin, used to be terrified of taking baths – but once I realized that I was getting frustrated during his baths and instead, reacted by being calm. His fear of having baths disappeared very quickly and now he actually enjoys them!

Trisha Hache


Instructor: pupstart jumpstart, core, club360

Team Member Since: 2014

What brought me to clevercanines is the fact that the company does not discriminate against breeds of dogs or dog behaviors. clevercanines truly believes in removing the descriptors that influence how we behave around our dogs. This gives dog owners that believe there is no hope, a second chance to understand their dog and build a trusting relationship.

I love to share with others the fact that the unique thing about clevercanines is that training doesn’t stop in the classroom – learning and training is constant and goes beyond the classroom. It is incorporated into your everyday life.

There is a true sense of freedom when you can trust your dog to behave in a way that you never thought possible.

There is a great sense of accomplishment in experiencing fun and fulfillment with your best friend.