Dayschool team

Our team is the foundation of clevercanines.  Our exceptional team of devoted individuals is why and how we are able to offer a high level of service and support to our clients.

Every team member has completed extensive training to qualify them to be of service to you. Our intense Corporate Training Program provides our team with up to 100 hours of training, both in the classroom and in the field. Team members gain understanding of the latest training methods and techniques, while building sound knowledge in canine behaviour and handling skills. Ongoing training is important and team members have opportunities to attend seminars, utilize the company’s extensive resource library, and constantly study and observe dogs. Each team member’s high level of experience and training allows them to tailor their support and training method to each client and dog individually.

Our aim is to give you an exceptional experience and support YOU in your lifestyle with your dog. Our team is not only passionate about dogs but also passionate about people.

We look forward to meeting you and working with your dog!

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Gabby Wiltse

Dayschool Trainer

Team Member Since: 2017

I was drawn to clevercanines because they incorporate their strong values into everything they do. It is important to me to work in a positive and supportive environment, and clevercanines embodies the values that foster such an environment. Not to mention, working with dogs and spending time outdoors is a massive bonus.

The one thing I love sharing about clevercanines is their belief that knowledge is power. I am a firm believer that education is the base for positive change, and clevercanines uses their knowledge and expertise to empower their clients.

Jess Josefchuk

Dayschool Supervisor

Team Member Since: 2016

What makes joining the clevercanines team so exciting to me is having the opportunity to combine the three things that I’m truly passionate about: interacting with people (both clients and teammates), working with animals, and being outdoors. I’m absolutely thrilled at the prospect of getting to do all three on a day-to-day basis, and to grow my skills in each area.

The trait that I feel will be of the greatest value to the clevercanines team is my work ethic. Whether it is independently or as part of a team, I work hard to make sure the job is done properly and to the best of my ability. I am committed to continual self-improvement in order to grow myself as a person and benefit the group as a whole.

Julia Kraska

Dayschool Trainer

Team Member Since: 2017

I was drawn to clevercanines right away because of the companies goal to save as many dogs as we can through our training.  I was looking for the opportunity in making the world a better place and I found it here in clevercanines.

The strong core values that clevercanines acts upon is one of the most inviting thing about this business.

Laurence Lemieux

Dayschool Trainer

Team Member Since: 2016

It has been a dream of mine to work with animals, particularly dogs! Joining the clevercanines team is an amazing opportunity to gain knowledge, learn new skills, and get the chance to work in this wonderful industry. 

The people who work at clevercanines are very passionate about dogs and customer service oriented. They will go above and beyond to make sure everyone has a memorable experience.

Nadia Moharib

Dayschool Trainer

Team Member Since: 2016

Joining the clevercanines team is exciting to me because I like learning and this is a great opportunity to do so in an area I have always been very interested in. I also like the energy of clevercanines, it seems like a good team. Hard working, good principles and passion. As a neurotic dog owner, I know how important it is to leave my mutt with trusted people and look forward to being part of a team people can rely on.

I’m a serial dog owner, so I obviously love everything about trying to communicate with a canine. My strongest value that I’ll bring to the team is that I’m a pretty passionate person and try to have fun when working. Yes, the two can co-exist!

Ondine Alcaraz

Dayschool Trainer

Team Member Since: 2018

The most exciting thing about joining clevercanines is the opportunity to take part in a project with like-minded individuals with whom to share my values and work ethic.

I was drawn to clevercanines because of their distinctive approach to training and interaction with dogs, as well as their positive values about growth and benevolence towards humans and animals alike.

Stephanie Marston

Assistant Instructor: pupstart, jumpstart

Dayschool Trainer

Team Member Since: 2014

Before I discovered clevercanines, I had been encountering problems with my dog, Keiko. He was picking fights at the dog park and becoming extremely possessive of me around strangers. clevercanines helped me understand why Keiko acted this way, and they assured me that my dog was in no way a ‘bad dog’. They provided me with the knowledge, confidence and understanding to be able to take him anywhere and everywhere, including the dog park! With the clevercanines training, I have built an unbreakable bond and partnership with Keiko that allows me to experience freedom with my dog.

I believe the most powerful and successful clevercanines philosophy is the belief that any goal you have for your dog is possible. This philosophy stands out for me because I have experienced it with my own dog. His confidence, as well as my own confidence, has skyrocketed, and I love setting new goals and challenges for Keiko and I to reach.

Tegan Remillard

Dayschool Trainer

Team Member Since: 2017

My positive attitude and desire to always keep improving will bring value to the team. I am most excited about getting to work one on one with dogs and working with them to help them be great members of their families. 

Tera Prodaniuk

Dayschool Trainer

Team Member Since: 2018

I love being able to tell people that clevercanines is unique in the sense that no dog is broken. Every dog is unique and capable of establishing a solid bond with their owner.