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Our team is the foundation of clevercanines.  Our exceptional team of devoted individuals is why and how we are able to offer a high level of service and support to our clients.

Every team member has completed extensive training to qualify them to be of service to you. Our intense Corporate Training Program provides our team with up to 100 hours of training, both in the classroom and in the field. Team members gain understanding of the latest training methods and techniques, while building sound knowledge in canine behaviour and handling skills. Ongoing training is important and team members have opportunities to attend seminars, utilize the company’s extensive resource library, and constantly study and observe dogs. Each team member’s high level of experience and training allows them to tailor their support and training method to each client and dog individually.

Our aim is to give you an exceptional experience and support YOU in your lifestyle with your dog. Our team is not only passionate about dogs but also passionate about people.

We look forward to meeting you and working with your dog!

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Bianca Nassey, CBATI

Business Operations Instructor: pupstart, jumpstart, core, club360, certified behaviour adjustment training instructor (CBATI) Team Member Since: 2012 I wished I could find a place for Bruce Wayne, my blue heeler, to hone his natural herding abilities and release some of his some of his boundless energy. Checking out the clevercanines website, from the recommendation of a vet at the McKnight Clinic, I was impressed by the fact that clevercanines training was more than just a few weeks of classes and that’s it. What I saw was a real step-by-step way to build a trusting relationship with your dog while learning the best ways to maintain that training on a daily basis, and in all situations for the life of your dog. The most powerful philosophy that clevercanines has taught me to help with training my dogs is canine communication. That my body language is really what they are able to read.  As soon as I changed my behavior just a little bit, I could see a drastic change in how my dogs reacted to me! This philosophy was so easy to apply, it gave me the confidence to know I was on the right track to having balanced relationships with my dogs.  

Courtney Thrasher

Administration Team Member Since: 2017

I was instantly attracted to clevercanines because it offers strict core values that applies to every aspect of the company. These strong values are apparent the moment you walk through the front door! The family feel makes you instantly comfortable and creates the illusion that you have known everyone there for a long time. The positive environment is so welcoming and creates a strong sense of community with the dogs and owners.

I love to mention that I am employed by clevercanines because they are always creating a positive environment and change for humans and their pups! It is truly a unique experience and nothing can compare. My favourite quote is by Jim Rohn who says “If you want to see change, you must change” and clevercanines is all about personal growth (canine growth and owner growth) which makes the entire experience a positive one.

Joe Scorgie

Dayschool Supervisor Team Member Since: 2016
What makes joining the clevercanines team so exciting to me is having the opportunity to combine the three things that I’m truly passionate about: interacting with people (both clients and teammates), working with animals, and being outdoors. I’m absolutely thrilled at the prospect of getting to do all three on a day-to-day basis, and to grow my skills in each area. The trait that I feel will be of the greatest value to the clevercanines team is my work ethic. Whether it is independently or as part of a team, I work hard to make sure the job is done properly and to the best of my ability. I am committed to continual self-improvement in order to grow myself as a person and benefit the group as a whole.

Joe Scorgie

Owner Visionary
Finance Team Member Since: 2007
My involvement with clevercanines has taught me that my dogs’ behaviour is a direct result of my own behaviour. They are the perfect mirror. By changing myself – my energy, my patterns, my body language — I can change my dog. This simple little idea is true for all aspects of our life though, sometimes, it’s easy to lose sight of it. I love sharing with clients just how much fun you can have with a well-behaved dog. And by well-behaved, I mean a well-mannered, calm dog, who trusts ME in virtually any situation. I love talking about the adventures Foster and I have had, and continue to have, all because I can confidently bring him anywhere.

Nicole West

Sales & Marketing Instructor: club360 Team Member Since: 2013 The most powerful clevercanines philosophy I’ve learned is simply looking at how I can protect my dog. This philosophy has made me look at my surroundings differently, and has given me focus whenever I run into an obstacle when working with my own dogs. clevercanines has enabled me to experience freedom with my dogs by teaching me techniques and tools to elicit reliable reactions from my dogs in any situation. This, in turn, has increased my confidence in myself and in my dogs.

Tracie Nielson

Founder Owner Integrator People Operations Team Member Since: 2005 I am always amazed by the constant and continuous communication my dogs give to me through their signals. They are such perfect communicators and it amazes me now how it was something I didn’t see or understand for years. Learning how to pay attention and “listen” has enabled me to support my dogs – I can now communicate back in a way that they understand which is SO satisfying. It is truly rewarding to connect to my dogs this way and has really empowered and strengthened our partnership. I love sharing the concepts of a dog’s perspective with clients and seeing the ‘ah-ha’ moment when it all comes together for them. For me, it is very motivating when clients share their realizations and developed awareness in a passionate frenzy of excitement! It means that they’re on the path to taking ownership of their actions, understanding the value of consistency, and achieving a deeper relationship with their dogs than they could have possibly imagined.