Positively changing dogs’ lives since 2005.

clevercanines as we know it today was inspired by a realization in 2005.  Loving a dog isn’t enough on its own to provide a safe, healthy and balanced relationship. Thousands of dogs are surrendered yearly, not for lack of love, but for misunderstood behavior problems that could be overcome with patience and proper training. This inspiration became a business that offers life-saving education for dogs and dog owners that had previously not been available in Calgary.

Our mission

We enable Calgary dog owners to experience the freedom of the healthy, balanced relationship their dogs need to be safe in all situations, and respectful of people, other dogs, and the environment.

All dogs have an innate ability to think, problem-solve, work and please. When we truly understand our dogs – how they respond, why they do what they do, why they react, and how they communicate –only then can we influence their behaviour. We empower our clients with information on developmental changes, specific behaviours and reactions, and through the study and observation of canine communication and signals. We want our clients to know what their dogs are communicating in any situation.

Training can only get us so far…but a deep and meaningful understanding of our dogs is crucial to giving them a safe, happy and comfortable life.

Experience freedom

We believe everyone can experience a lifetime of freedom with their dogs. This means:

CONFIDENCE  that you can trust yourself and your dog in any situation

PRIDE in your dog, from a healthy, balanced relationship based on mutual respect

NO-STRESS living with your dog, or when your dog is away from you

JOY from having your dog in your life the way you’ve always wanted

Core values – clevercanines goes beyond dog training and obedience, to enable dog owners to experience freedom with their pets.

Want to know more about clevercanines? Check our our company core values to see what we live by. As a company, every decision, big or small, is measured against our core values. If they do not match up or align, then it is our policy to decline the decision or opportunity. We take these values very seriously.