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Clevercanines goes beyond dog training and obedience – empowering you to experience freedom with your dog.

We believe that any goal you have for your dog is possible. The clevercanines approach is based on education and understanding to achieve a fulfilled and fun life with our dogs. Once we begin to understand how our dogs communicate, why they behave the way they do, and what they’re thinking, we can develop a strong bond based on mutual trust, respect and loyalty. We believe in the importance of getting out and working with your dog in the real world. And we believe that you should feel good about your choice to train with us. So take the time to learn more about our philosophy, training and sports programs – you’ll see that the ability to do anything, go anywhere and have a well-mannered dog in all situations is possible for you. All breeds. All ages. All behaviours. And every stage of your dog’s life. We are here to support you.


We learn something new everyday.

From books and videos to seminars and workshops – our tea is continually pursuing opportunities to learn more.  We want to share it all with you because maybe there’s something we’ve found that your’re interested in, too. Here’s what we’ve been up...

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Totally barkworthy.

clevercanines is making a positive impact on the lives of people and dogs in Calgary, and is quickly becoming a household name for all things canine. Here’s where you can see us in the news:

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Fall 2018 core begins on August 20th, 2018!

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