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our special pup making a child smile with joy

special pups

clevercanines is a founding partner of Special Pups, which begun in 2016, with a mission is to “Create a safe and fun environment for children with special needs to express themselves and communicate through the healing companionship of dogs.“  Want to be a part of this rewarding experience?


five dogs learning how to detect lung cancer by sniffing boxes full of positive and negative samples

cancer detection

In May of 2014, our Founder Tracie Nielson, was approached by Pure North S’Energy Foundation and asked if she would be interested in leading a cutting edge project.  She was asked to teach dogs to detect lung cancer in humans!  The project lasted two years and the results were impressive.


3 members of the Calgary Rehabilitation Society, where Clever Canines provides a home cooked Christmas dinner every year

giving back

clevercanines has always known that giving back to the community that has allowed us to thrive since 2005, is an important part of our business.  Annually we donate more than $10,000 in cash and services to various charities and causes within our community. 


teaching children at school about dogs

invite us to your school

clevercanines continues to be involved with schools throughout the Calgary area teaching kids how to be safe and respectful around dogs.  We believe that learning about animals early in life promotes lifelong respect and enjoyment for our young students.


A packed house for our lunch and learn that we were invited to do for a corporate event

educational events (lunch & learns)

At clevercanines we believe in an education first approach.  People get so much more out of training when they really understand what their dog is thinking and why they’re doing what they’re doing.  We offer several seminars and workshops geared towards helping you better understand your dog’s communication style and their behaviour.

Our dog Foster hard at work in the Clever Canines office on the computer

dog friendly workplace training

Are you considering a dog friendly workplace, or would you like to know what’s involved in creating one?  clevercanines can help you implement a dog friendly workplace program following best practices designed to ensure all of your employees (even the ones who don’t like dogs) have a positive experience.


What Our Clients Say

Katrina Coulter and Simon Coulter with their three dogs, Ceili, Scarlett & Mabel; all Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

We love to do everything with our dogs, including going to crossfit, craft breweries, enjoying walks, shopping and visiting friends; none of this would be possible without Clever Canines! They taught us everything we need to know, in order to raise well behaved, respectful, canine members of society and truly enjoy freedom with our dogs.  The education is priceless! We recommend their training to anybody who wants to achieve the same. Oh…and it’s so fun😊

Katrina & Simon, with Ceili, Scarlett, Mabel



After attending pupstart, core and club360, my relationship with my dog is like no other. I can take him anywhere and feel comfortable in doing so. Clever Canines was the best decision I made when choosing to train my Rex.

Laura, with Rex



I love taking Timber to dayschool; he comes home and just parks himself on his bed all evening. It’s perfect for those days you come home from work and have other activities to go to, or just want to have a night out. I also like to keep him socializing with others dogs as he doesn’t have much of an opportunity to at home.

Margot, with Timber